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The Confederate States Troops Civil War Soldiers Service Records

This CD contains service records of the Confederate States Troops. Confederate units were paid by the Central government whereas most of the units were paid by their respective state. You will find men from various states and many men who were formerly in the U.S. Army as officers as well as partisan ranger units which were consolidated to make up the various Cavalry Units. The information is gathered from various sources and includes information from the microfilm rolls as well as a number of published sources.

On this CD you will find information on approximately 80,000 men. The Confederate States Troops Civil War Soldiers Index containing 80,000 names is included showing the units of service for each man and a bibliography of available books to aid in your research.

Many of the men included on this CD have biographical sketches, burial records, and genealogical information not found in the microfilmed service records.

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Sources used / incorporated on this CD.


  • Abel, Annie Heloise. The American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist; an omitted chapter in the diplomatic history of the Southern Confederacy
  • Abel, Annie Heloise. The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War
  • Evans, Clement E. Confederate Military History
  • The Southern Historical Society Papers Vol. 15. This book is commonly referred to as The Appomattox Roster

  • Cemetery Records:

  • Confederate Dead of Canton, Mississippi
  • Sons of Union Veterans Graves Registration Database
  • Find A Grave
  • Compiled Service Records

    Volume: Reel 0073 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - ORGANIZATIONS RAISED DIRECTLY BY THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNMENT First Confederate Cavalry First Confederate Regular Cavalry First Battalion, Trans-Mississippi Confederate Cavalry (First Battalion, Arkansas and Louisiana Cavalry) Third Confederate Cavalry Sixth Battalion, Confederate Cavalry Seventh Confederate Cavalry (Claiborne's Regiment, Partisan Rangers; Seventh Regiment, Confederate Partisan Rangers) Seventh Battalion (Prentice1 Battalion), Confederate Cavalry Eighth Confederate Cavalry (Bearing's) Eighth Confederate Cavalry (Wade's) (Second Regiment, Mississippi and Alabama Cavalry) Tenth Confederate Cavalry Fourteenth Confederate Cavalry Fifteenth Confederate Cavalry (First Regiment, Alabama and Florida Cavalry) Twentieth Confederate Cavalry (Lay's Regiment) Baxter's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry Burrough's Battalion, Partisan Rangers (Princess Anne) Clarkson's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry, Independent Rangers Mead's Confederate Cavalry (Mead's Regiment of Partisan Rangers) Murchison's Battalion, Cavalry Powers' Regiment, Confederate Cavalry Capt. Raum's Co. (Warren Dragoons), Confederate Cavalry Wheeler's Scouts, C.S.A. (Hawkins' Scouts, Carter's Scouts, 1st Tennessee Mounted Scouts) Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry First Regular Battery (Semmes' Battery; Barnes' Battery), Confederate Light Artillery Braxton's Battalion (Battalion Ct Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia), Confederate Artillery Courtney's Battalion, Confederate Artillery Cunningham's Battalion, Confederate Artillery Cutshaw's Battalion, Confederate Artillery Capt. Davis' Co., Confederate Light Artillery Capt. Dent's Battery, Light Artillery, C.S.A. Haskell's Battalion, Confederate Artillery Huger's Battalion, Confederate Artillery Lewis' Battalion, Confederate Artillery Capt. Lillard's Co., Independent Scouts and Rangers (Nelson's Scouts and Rangers) Capt. Madison's Co. (Phillips Mounted Spies and Guides) Martin's Battalion, Confederate Reserve Artillery Capt. Marshall's Co. (Brown Horse Artillery), Confederate Artillery Mclntosh's Battalion (Battalion C, Reserve Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia), Confederate Artillery Mclaughlin's Battalion, Confederate Artillery Montague's Battalion (Fourth Battalion), Confederate Heavy Artillery Nelson's Battalion (Thirty-first Battalion, Virginia Light Artillery; Third Battalion Reserve, Light Artillery), Confederate Artillery Lt. Y. B. Ochiltree's Detachment of Recruits (Detachment of Regulars) Maj. R. C. M. Page's Battalion (Carter's, Braxton's,) Confederate Artillery Palmer's Battalion (Robertson's), Confederate Artillery Poague's Battalion,.Artillery Richardson's Battalion (Battalion A, First Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia), Confederate Light Artillery Maj. F. ¥. Smith's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery Stark's Battalion (Battalion B, First Corps Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia)., Confederate Light Artillery Stuart's Horse Artillery Capt. White's Battery, Horse Artillery

    Volume: Reel 0074 - COMPILED RECORDS SHOWING SERVICE OF MILITARY UNITS , IN CONFEDERATE ORGANIZATIONS - ORGANIZATIONS RAISED DIRECTLY BY THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNMENT First Confederate Infantry (First Confederate Regiment, Georgia Volunteers) First Battalion (Forney's Regiment), Confederate Infantry Second Confederate Infantry Third Confederate Infantry Fourth Confederate Infantry (First Regiment, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry) Eighth Battalion (Second Foreign Battalion; Second Foreign Legion), Confederate Infantry Ninth Confederate Infantry (Fifth Confederate Infantry; Fifth Confederate Regiment, Tennessee Infantry) Bailey's Consolidated Regiment of Infantry Bradford's Corps (Bradford's Battalion), Scouts and Guards Brooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular Infantry Brush Battalion, C.S.A. Lt. Cunningham's Ordnance Detachment (Capt. Cuyler's) Exchanged Battalion, C.S.A. (Trans-Mississippi Battalion; Western Battalion) Forrest's Scouts, C.S.A. Gillum's Regiment (Henry Gillum's Regiment $ Gillum's Regiment, Mounted Infantry; Gillum's Regiment, Mounted Riflemen) Lt. Haskall's Co., Infantry Stirmn's Regiment, Sharpshooters Tucker's Regiment, Confederate Infantry Lt. Young's Co. (Fifth), Retributors First Cherokee Mounted Rifles (First Arkansas Cherokee) First Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Watie's Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers; Second Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Arkansas; First Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Riflemen) First Squadron, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Holt's Squadron) First Chickasaw Infantry (Hunter's Regiment, Indian Volunteers) First Choctaw Mounted Rifles First Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles First Creek Mounted Volunteers (First Regiment, Creek Mounted Rifles or Riflemen; Creek Regiment, Mounted Indian Volunteers; Second Regiment., Arkansas Creeks) First Osage Battalion, C.S»A. First Seminole Mounted Volunteers Second Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Second Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles or Riflemen) Second Creek Mounted Volunteers Cherokee Regiment (Special Service) Deneale's Regiment, Choctaw Warriors (Deneale's Confederate Volunteers) Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion, Mounted Volunteers Washington's Squadron of Indians, C.S.A. (Reserve Squadron of Cavalry) Capt. Wilkins' Co., Choctaw Infantry Miscellaneous Indian Records First through Fourth Confederate Engineer Troops Nitre and Mining Bureau, War Department, C.S.A. Sappers and Miners Signal Corps, C.S.A. Bands, C.S.A. Infantry School of Practice Officers Surnamed Morgan, C.S.A. President's Guard, C.S.A. Miscellaneous Records