Research OnLine is for sale.

After more than 20 years in business, we are approaching retirement and looking to sell our line of Civil War books and CD-ROMS. We publish more than 2,000 titles in 9 lines all related to Civil War research. For approximately 1,500 of these we are the sole source, consisting of regimental histories and battle studies.

We also have a line of CD-ROMS which consists of collections of records and book sets such as the Official Records and the Southern Historical Society Papers.

This offering also includes several hundred volumes of reminisciences, diaries, journals, and first hand accounts, many of which are not available elsewhere.

Additionally our Soldier Indexes on CD and Paper and our Service Record CDs round out the offering to provide the most comprehensive and extensive line of Civil War Research materials available anywhere.

We are interested in either an outright sale of these items with the copyrights and digital masters or a licensing for all or selected lines.

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What's Included

  • The Research OnLine Website This site is designed for researching Civil War ancestors. More than 2,000 regimental histories, firsthand accounts, book sets, and CD-ROMs are featured and reviewed.
  • 1016 Volumes of the Historical Sketch & Roster Series
  • Soldier indexes - 51 volumes. This series consists of 42 soldier indexes by state and 9 other indexes of cemeteries, census records, etc. They are available in paper and digital formats.
  • Soldier Service Records - 47 volumes. Microfilm images on DVD from the National Archives.
  • First Hand Accounts - 318 volumes. These are diaries, journals, reminiscences, firsthand accounts and regimental histories.
  • Book Sets Published on CD-ROM - These book and CD Sets cover a wide range of topics. Several run to more than a hundred volumes in the set.
  • Official Records of the American Civil War ¨
  • Official Records Naval Subset ¨
  • Confederate Military History ¨
  • The Southern Historical Society Papers ¨
  • Confederate Veteran Magazine ¨
  • Battles and Leaders of the Civil War ¨
  • The Proceedings of the Confederate Congress ¨
  • Medical and Surgical History ¨
  • Soldiers of Florida ¨
  • Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia ¨
  • Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers
  • The First Family Series - 48 volumes. These books are for genealogy research focusing on the first families to settle in a particular area.
  • Research Guides - 4 volumes. Overview of available resources by state – 200 pages.
  • Civil War Battle Studies - 5 volumes - 200 pages.
  • We Fought Series - 5 volumes. - First hand accounts of particular battles or leaders – 200 – 300 pages.

  • Income Streams

  • On-going advertising stream via Google Adsense
  • Royalty income from sales of over 1000 sole-source regimental histories via Amazon. These books are available in paper and Kindle formats and are printed and delivered by Amazon. No on-going maintenance is required.
  • Income from the sale of over 300 local history, regimental histories, and genealogy books. These titles are available in paper and ebook formats.
  • Income from the sale of over 1000 volumes of the Historical Sketch & Roster Volumes on CD-ROM which include the service records for each unit.
  • Opportunity to market the book sets to libraries, genealogy societies, and SCV camps
  • Opportunity to sell the books and CDs at Civil War Shows, genealogy conferences, and Civil War reenactments